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Printed at the Patriot Office, Greensboro', N. C. 



CMiversity of North Carolina. 

Endowed by the Dialectic and Philan- 
thropic Societies. 


Shiloli Church, Gsianville, Co., N. C. j 
June llth, 1856. j 

Presbytery met according to adjournment and was opened with a 
sermon by Kev. J. M. Sherwood^ iroiii Hold. 14th chapter, 17th verse. 
Constituted with praver. 

Present, Thomas Lynch, A. Wilson, D.D., R. Burwell, Geo. W- 
Ferrell, Thos. R. Owen, James Phillips, D.D., Wm. N. Mebane, E. 
Hines, J. Doll, A. Currie, S. A. Staniield, F. N. Whaley, T. U. 
Faucette, John M. Sherwood, J. J.Smyth, W. P. Wharton, J.;,W. 
Montgomery, J. M. AtMnson, Ministers. 

With Messrs. Thomas H. Hughes, John Bulloclr, Joshua Butler, 
John W. Wilson, John Berkeley and W. J. Hogan, Ruhng Elders. 

Rev. J. J. Smyth was chosen Moderator, and Revds. A. Currie and 
J. W. Montgomery, temporary clerks. 

Rev. Messrs. A. Wilson, D.D., Robert Burwell, Geo. W. Ferrell 
and James Phillips, D.I)., being called on, rendered to Presbytery 
reasons for not attending the last stated Session of Presbytery. 

Rev. William N. Mebane and Mr. Thomas H, Hughes were ap- 
pointed a committee to examine the first half of the Sessional Record. 

And Rev. Thomas R. Owen and Mr. W. J. Plogan, were appoint- 
ed a committee to examine the remaining half 

Rev. Robert Burwell and Mr. John Bullock, were appointed a 
committee to audit the Treasurers accounts. 

The Report of the committee of Domestic Missions was made the 
order of the day for Saturday at 11 o'clock, A. M. 

The Roll was called and the ministers present reported that they 
had observed the third chapter of the Directory for Public Worship. 

The committee appointed to install Rev. Joseph M. Atkinson, Pas- 
tor over the Church of Raleigh, reported that they had attended to 
that duty. 

The report of the committee on the standing Rules was made the 
order of the day for Thursday after recess. 

Presbytery heard reports form Revds. Messrs. Mebane and Whaley, 
two of the Commissioners to the last General Assembly. 

The Rev. Joseph M. Atkinson reported that he did not consider 
the way open to organize a church at Stalling's Depot. 


Ivev. L. K. Wilej, of the Metliodist Episcopal Church, was invited 

to sit as a correspond in 2; member. 

Presb^'tery then adjourned until to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock. 
Closed with prayer. 

Thursday, June 12th, 1856. 

Presbytery met according to adjournment, and was opened with 

l^resbytery then spent half an hour in devotional exerci.^es. 

The minutes of yesterday were read and corrected. 

The following members j'ppeared in Presbytery, cave excuses for 
tardine.-'S and took their seats, viz: \Vm. P. Wharton, Minister. 
3Iessrs N. M. Lewis, Jesse II. Lindsay and Samuel D. Booker, 
Puling Eiders, 

The Ilev. J. M, P. Atkinson, of the Presbytery of BaUimore, beir-; 
present, was invited to sit as a corresponding member. 

Pev. A. ^Yilson, D.D., reported that he had visited the church of 
Newbern and attended to the duty fjs.signed him by Presbytery. 

Alexnider Wikon, D.I). James Phillips, I) I), and S. A*. Stanfield, 
Klinisters, and Mr. llichard V. Watkins, Ruling Elder, were appointed 
a committee to examine candidaten on their literary course. 

The following subjects were assigned to Mr. E. Harding, as parts of 
trial, viz : 

For a lecture the 15th Psalm. 

For a critical exercise, John 1st chapter, 1st to 5th verses. 
For a sermon, Matthew 12th chapter, SOth verse. 
For an Exegesis. " Au sit peccatum originale." 

' The committee appointed to invest the Devereux fund, made a re- 
port which was accepted and adopted, and is as follows, viz : 

The committee appointed to invest the funds appropriated to the 
Union Theological Seminary, beg leave to report that they have 
bought three North Carolina coupon State bonds, the interest of which 
is due 1st x\prll, and L«t October ol each year These funds have 
been entered upon the books of the Seminary as follows : 

For Frances Pevereux Scholarship, the beneficaries to be 

norninaicd by Orange Presbytery, ^2,500 
For the permanent funds ol Seminary, 500 


There was a balance of a little over $30, which was paid to Mr. K. 
H. Harding, the present beneficiary, by the nomination of the Presb)'- 
terj. llespectfully submitted, 

S. A Stan FIELD, 
J. W. Norwood, 
JuDc 12th, 1856. C. Dewkt. 

Presbjtei'v i^pp^'^'^^^^''^ o'clock on Friday as the lin,+3 

to hear Kev. J. M. P. Atkiuson on the subject of his iigency. 

The ComiEi^tee appointCMj to revise the stiindinc rules of Pre.'-bv^ 
tery tiiadc a repoit "vs'hich was accepted and adopted, and is as folio vvj 
viz : 

The comffiittee to whom was referred tiie business of revifsin;!' tb \ 
^t.!udm^ liuh's and of >-^upgesting wdiatever aniendfLenrs. alleration-,. 
iVr; , in their judiiuient may be necessary, beg leave to present the iun 
lowing as the result of their labors, to w it ; 

Whereas, your committee found great difficulty in coHectiiic th-^ 
.'Standing liulcf:^ scattered as they are through several volumes ui 
lU cords : 

AuQ whereas^ your comndttee fiauid it diScuU to decide in many 
enses whether certain resolutions were designed to be standing rules c v 
Mui : Therefore 

Jlesolved, that all the St;in<]ir.g Evde- r- i eedina this date be srd 
hereby are abolished, and that the fulbi-.- i-u I-^^j adi'ptfd in tht^ir sic.;-.I 
•as the Standing Kulcs of this Prebbytery : 


Kule 1. All Standing. Pvules shall be liUrodaeed Tmh these or some 
such words denoting that they are standing rules, viz ; 

Kesolved', that it be a standing rule of this Pres]»y tery that, i^c. 

Piule 2. The rules appended to th-^ Bojk uf i?iscii)!ine entitled, 
^- General Kules for Judicatories, ' are hereby adopted as Standing 
Pi ales for the government of this Presbytery. 

llule 3. At every regular meeting of Presbytery preceding the 
iijceting of Synod or of the General iVssembly, there shall be a free 
eonversation on the state of religion wdthin our bounds, for -the pur- 
pose of drawing-up a narrative in accordance with the requirement ci' 
both these bodies. 

Piule 4. A portion of the morning, commencing at 10 o'clock of 
the second day of the stated sessions of Presbytery, shall be spent in 
devotional exercises. 

Eule 5. At each stated meeting the Moderator shall call on ail 
Ministers present who are marhed as absentees to state their leasons 
for any previous failures to attend ; he shall then enquire if any 
member wishes to remark on the reasons ofi'ered, and if an expression 
of disapprobation is called f ( r by a )y case, such remarks or motion as 
th. t case may seem to require shall be male If no motion be made, 
the quest on of sustaining the reasons or not su taining shall not be 
put by the Moderator, and the minute or record shall be in the follow- 
ing or like form, viz ; 

The Eev, Mr. being called on rendered to Presbytery- 

reasons for not attending the last or former stated session? of Presby- 


Kule 0. The churches under our care having stated supphes are 
required to report annually to Presbytery respecting the fuliilment oi 
thdU' reciprocal duties and engagements, and due record thereof shall 
be spread annually on the session book of each congregation, specifying 
in every case the sum paid, and arrearages, if any, that may be due 
from the people to their respective Ministers. 

Rule 7. A sermon shall be preached at each stated meeting of 
Presbytery, by some brother previously appointed, and the subject 
shall be assigned to him by the Presbytery. 

Piule 8. In choosing a Moderator, the pereons to be voted f(^r shall 
first be nominated^ and any member shall be allowed to nominate 
whom he will ; after the nominations are all made, the roll is to be 
called by the Stated Clerk, and no person is to. be voted for unless he 
has been previously nominated. A plurahty of votes shall decide the 

PiLile 9. Cbmmissioners to the General Assembly shall be Homina- 
ted ut least one day before the election. 

llule 10. No candidate sh^ll receive aid from the Education Com-- 
niittee before he places himself under the care of Presbytery. 

Hule 11. At each stated meeting of Presbytery that immediately 
succeeds the meeting of the General Assembly, the Treasurer shall be 
required to present his accounts to Presbytery with the proper vouch- 
ers. And the said papers shall he audited by a committee appointed 
lor the purpose. 

At the same meeting the Treasurer shall report every Church tliat 
has failed to pay its presbytcrial assessment. 

Kule 12. At each stated meeting of Presbytery that immediately 
succeeds the meeting of the General Assembly^ two committees shall 
be appointed to examine sessional records. 

And Church Sessions are hereby required to present their records 
at that meeting. 

llule 13. At each me<?ting that immediately succeeds the meeting 
of the General Assembly, each member shall be called on to state how 
much has been contributed by the churches under his care for the 
four Boards ol the Church and the Committee on Church Extension. 

Kule 14. No Church may employ a stated supply without the per- 
mission of Presbytery. 

Rule 15. During the regular sessions of Presbytery, recess shall be 
taken for the purpose of attending worship with the congregation. 

Rule 16. At every regular meeting of Presbytery the roll shall be 
called and inquiry shall be made whether the third article in the Di- 
leqtory for Worship is ob<served by all our Ministers. 

Rule 17* The Committee on Education shall notice, in their annual 


reports, the names of all the unlicensed candidates for the ^Iinistry 
under the care of this Presbytery, and give some account of the pro- 
gress that each candidate has made in his studies. 

Rule 18. The Pastor or Stated Supply of the congrej^ation within 
"whose bounds the Presbytery may meet, shall be required to have such 
books in readiness as maybe necessary for the examination of candidates. 

Eule 19. Presbytery will hereafter raise annually by assessment on 
the churches, the sum of ^367 to be called, 
^^The Presbyterial Fund.'' 

Of this fund the Treasurer shall pay annually — 

1. To the contingent fund of the General Assembly a sum equal to 
50 cents for each Minister and each Licentiate of this Presbytery. 

2. The annual travelling expenses of our Commissioners to the Gene- 
ral Assembly. 

8. The contingent expenses of the. Presbytery, salary of the Stated 
Clerk, Postage, &g. 

4. The quota of this Presbytery to the contingent expenses of Synod, 
salary of the Stated Clerk, Postage, Printing Minutes, &c. 

5. To those Directors of Union Theological Seminary who have been 
appointed from this Presbytery, their travelling expenses to and 
from the Seminary. 

For the printing of the Minutes of the Presbytery. And the said 
amoant of $367 shall be raised according to the assessment made at 
the meeting of Presbytery at Spring Hill, June 19th, 1854. 

Rule 20. At every regular meeting the roll shall be called and in- 
quiry shall be made to ascertain if there are any poor belonging to our 
churches who are supported by public charity. 

Rule 21. All licentiates under the care of this Presbytery are re- 
•^juired to be present xit the regular meetings or to send a written 
report of the manner in which they have been occupied- 
Rule 22. The Minutes of each regular meeting of this Presbytery 
shall be published, with such exceptions as a majority of Presbytery 
may direct. 

Rule 23. It shall require two-thirds of ail the members present to 
suspend, amend or abolish a standing rale. 

All of which is respectfully submitted. 

J. DOLL, Chairman. 

Madison, N. C, October, 1855." 

A letter was read from Rev. E. C. Bittinger, giving an account of 
his labors. Whereupon it was resolved that he be requested to take 
a dismission from this Presbytery to join the Presbytery within whose 


bounds lie resides, and that the Stated Clerk be directed to forward bis 
dismission on his application. 

The committee on the Examination of Candidates reported, ret^oiu. 
iiiending that the examination of Mr. McGilvary on his literary course, 
"do deemed satisfactory. This report was accepted and adopted. 

The committee on the second half of the Sessional Records made a 
report which was accepted and adopted^ and is as follows ; 

The Committee report that they examined the Sessional records 
placed in their hands, and recommend that they be approved with 
the following exceptions : 

1. Greensboro' to page 239, with the exception that there is no 
record of reciprocal duties. 

2. Chapel Hill to page 40, with the same exception. 

3. Washino;ton, to page 197; with the same excei^tion. 

4. Clarksville to pa;.;e"98. 

5. Fairfield to page 45. 

(), Bethesda to page 106, with the exception that there is no record 
of reciprocal duties. 

• 7. Stony Creek to page 74, with the exception that there is no 
proper record of reciprocal duties. 

8. Milton to page 27; with the exception that there is no record of 
reciprocal duties. 

9. Shiloh to psge 70, with the same exception. 

10. Madison with the exception that the pages of the book arc not 

11. Spiing Hill to page 69, with the^exception that the record of 
the case on page 68 is not full enough. 

Presbytery then adjourned tp meet to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock. 
Closed with prayer. 

Friday Morning, June loth, 15.36. 

Fresh ^'tery met according to adjournment, and was opened with 

The Minutes of yesterday were read and corrected. 

N. Z. Graves, minister, and Dr. John 1\. Hicks, Ruling Elder, ap- 
peared, gave excuses for tardiness, and took their seats as members of 

The hour of 10 o'clock having arrived, the order of the day w:is 
taken up. The Presbytery, was r.ddressed by Rev. John M. P. 
Atkinson and Hon. A. AV. \^enable, with regard to the building of a 
j'rcsbyterian Church in AVasliino/on Ci'y. After which the Presby- 
tery adopted the following rcoolutions, vis : 

1. Resolved, That this Presbyter}^ cordially approve and endorse 
the repeated action of the General Assembly, recommending to the 
('liurches to erect a church in the City of Washington. &c. 

2. Resolved. That it be enjoined on all the churches within car 


bounds to take up a collection in betalf of the object. 

3. That the agents employed in this enterprise be reeomended to 
the confidence and christian liberality of our churches. 

Rev. Dr. Nott, being present, was invited to sit as a corresponding 
member of Presbytery, 

The Committee of Domestic Missions recommended .the following 
list of supplies, which was accepted and adopted : 

Rev. James Phillips, D.D. Pittsboro'. 

Jos. M. Atkinson, Johnston. 

J. J. Smyth, Salem & Winston. 

A. Currie & A. G. Hughes, Randolph. 
*^ C. K. Caldwell & J. AV. Montgomery, Mount Airy. 

T. U. Faucette, Franklinton. 

A. G. Hughes, Pittsboro', 

W. L. Miller, Pittsboro'. 

^' John M. Sherwood, Wilson. 

The committee appointed to audit the Treasurer's accounts made 
a report which was accepted and adopted, and is as follows : 

The committee to whom the Treasurer's accounts were referred, 
-would report that they find the accounts correctly kept and accom- 
panied by all the necessary vouchers. 

With reference to the four shares of Bank Stock known as the 
Anne Smith legacy, the committee would recommend the adoption of. 
tbe following resolution, viz : 

Resolved, That Jesse H. Lindsay be appointed Trustee of Presby- 
tery for holding this fund, and that he take necessary steps to have 
said stock transferred to himself as Treasurer of Orange Presbytery, 
jind that he be authorized to collect and apply the dividends. 

It was stated that a letter had been received from Rev. J. M. 
Kirkpatrick, giving reasons for absence from the present meeting of 
Presbytery. His excuse was deemed sufticient. 

Whereas, Mr. J. C. Denny has been under the care of this Pres- 
I'jtery for about eight years, and his progress in his literary course 
lias been very slow, owing, it is believed, to the fact, that he has devoted 
himself to teaching, contrary to the express direction of Presbytery ; 

Therefore Resolved, That Mr. Denny be directed to prepare him* 
self for examination on his whole literary course at the farthest with- 
in two years ttom this time. 

The Committee on the first half of the sessionar records made a re- 
port which was accepted and adopted. 

Rev. J . J. Smyth was appointed to preach a sermon on Infant 
Baptism, at the next regular meeting of Presbytery. And Rev. J. 
M. Atkinson was appointed his alternate. 


Eev. N. Z. Graves, Having requested the advice of Presbytery, as 
io a bond held by the Successor of the trustee of the Presbyterian 
Church in Warrenton, a committee consisting of John'Bullock, J. H. 
Lindsay and A. W. Amenable, was appointed to bring in a minute in 
relation to that matter. 

Resolved, That the next regular meeting of Presbytery, be held at 
Bethesda Church in Caswell Co., N. C, on the Wednesday before 
the next meeting of Synod, at 12 o'clock, M. • 

Mr- Woodburn, a member of Alamance Church, was introduced to 
the Presbytery, and after the usual examination, he was received under 
its care as a candidate for the ministry. 

Resolved, That the Synod of North Carolina be requested to 
change the boundaries of Orange and Fayetteville Prebyteries, so as 
to include the Churches of Goldsboro', and Everettsville, within the 
bounds of Orange Presbytery. 

Mr. John'i'W. Wilson, Ruling Elder, obtained leave of absence from 
the remaining sessions ot Presbytery. 

Presbj^tery then adjourned to meet to-morrow morning, at 9 o'clock. 
Closed with prayer. 

Saturday Morning, June 14th, 1856. 

Presbytery met according to adjournment and was opened with 

The minutes were read and correctedx 

Resolved, That Presbytery proceed to examine Mr. Daniel Mc- 
Gilvary with a view to licensing him to preach the gospel. 

Rev S. A. Stanfield and Mr. Jesse H. Lindsay were appointed a 
committee to examine the Latin Exegesis of Mr. McGilvary. 

The committee to whom was referred the Exegesis of Mr. McGilva- 
ry, report that they have examined it, and recommend that it be 
sustained as a part of trial. This report was accepted and adopted. 

After a full examination of Mr. McGilvary on Theology, Church 
History and the Sacraments, it was resolved that this examination be 
sustained as part of trial. 

Presbytery appointed the hour of 2 o'clock, P. M-, as the time to 
hqar the sermon and critical exercise of Mr. McGilvary. 

The report of the committee of Domestic Missions wis then read, 
and after some remarks on the subject, a collection was taken up, 
amounting to sixty-five dollars. The Report was accepted and 
directed to be filed with the papers of the committee. 

Resolved, That the Stated Clerk be instructed to procure a copy 
of the latest edition of the Assembly's Digest, and have it on the 


Moderator's ta'j^e at every meeting of the Presbytery. And that the 
Treasurer be instructed to pay the bill out of the Presbyterial Fund. 

Rev'ds. Thomas Lynch and Geo. W. Fcrrill obtained leave of 
absence from the remaining sessions of Presbytery. 

The critical exercise of Mr. McGilvary was referred to a committee 
consisting of Kevd. A. Wilson, J). D., and Mr* W. J. Hogan. 

Mr. McGilvary then read a^lecture on the 23d Psalm, which was 
sustained as a part of trial- 

The committee to whom was referred the critical exercise of Mr. 
McGilvary reported, recommending its approval. This report was 
accepted and adopted. 

Mr, McGilvary read a sermon on Gal. 5c: 13v., which was alsa 
sustained as a part of trial. 

At Sbiloh Church, Granville county, N. C, on the 14th day ot 
June, 1856. The Presbytery of Orange having received testimonials, 
in favor of Mr. Daniel McGilvary, of his having gone through a regu- 
lar course of literature ; of his good moral character ; and of his being 
in communion of the chuich : proceeded to take the usual parts of 
trial for his licensure ; and he having given satisfaction as to his 
accomplishments in literature ; as to his experimental acquaintance 
with religion, and as to his proficiency in Divinity and other studies ; 
the Presbytery did and hereby do express their approbation of all 
these parts of trial : and having adopted the confession of faith of 
this Church, and satisfactorily answered the questions appointed to 
be put to candidates to be licensed ; the Presbytery did and hereby 
do license him, the said Daniel McGilvary, to preach the gospel as a 
probationer for the holy ministry, within the bounds of this Presby- 
tery or wherever else he shall be orderly called. 

The committee on the Warrenton Church case made a report re- 
commending that Revd. N. Z. Graves be requested to call a meeting 
of the congregation of Warrenton Church to appoint trustees- 

Whereas certain reports have been in circulation touching the 
character of Rev. Edward Hines in a pecuniary transaction : 

And whereas these reports have been investigated by the sessions 
of Shiloh and Nutbush churches, in connection with an Elder from, 
Clarksville church 3 

And whereas the result of this investigation has been reported to 
this Presbytery ; Therefore resolved, that the report of these gentle- 
men be spread on our minutes, and that the Presbytery unanimously 
express it as their opinion, that in all this matter the Kevd. Edward 
ELines has not done any thing in the slightest degree affecting hia 
character as a gentleman or a Christian Minister. 

Resolved, That in the opinion of this Presbytery, singing is so 
important a part of family worship that our Ministers fe*? required to 


urge tlie introduction of this delightful part of the morning and even- 
ing sacrifices into all the famihes under their influence. 

Resolved, That the Stated Clerk be authorized to purchase tw> 
hundred blank forms of sessional reports^ and that the treasurer pay 
the bill out of the Presbyterial Fund. 

Ilesolved, That the Treasurer's report be printed as an appendix 
to the minutes. 

Mr. John V, Neal was introduced to she Presbytery, desiviiif;- to b> 
taken under its care as a candidate for the Ministry, and after an ex- 
amination as to his experimental acquaintance with religion and his 
motives in seeking the gospel ministry, he was received under the 
care of Presbytery. 

Mr. Neal was directed by the Presbytery to enter the Thcoi"i:ic;xI 

Mr. John A. Woodburn was directed by the Presbytery to enter 
college under the supervision of the Committee on l^ducation. 

Resolved, That the thanks o? this Presbyt?ry be tendered to th - 
congregation of Shiloh^ for their kind hospitality during t,he pre.-ei;c 
sessions of Presbytery, and that this resolution be published from th .* 

Presbytery then adjourned to meet at Bethesda Church in Caswt U 
county, N. C, on Wednesday the 5th day of November, 185G, at IJ 

o'clock M. „„^:.«-;^r^. 

Closed with singing, prayer and the apostolic benediction. 

J. DOLL, Stated Clerk. 


Greensborough, Guilford, N. C ] 
June 9, 1§56. j 

Report of the Treasurer of Orange Presbytery, to he suhmitted to 
the Meeting to he held at Shilohj county of Graaville^on Wednes- 
day thellthof Jane: 

On tlie Ttb of June, 1855, my Eeport and Vouehera were before 
ilie Presbytery at ilalcigh for tlie year preceding — this lieport em- 
braces all operations since tliat date. I send my Book and Voucliers 
for the inspection of the l^resbyt^ry. 


Board of Education — on hand 7 June, 1855, % 69 50 

received ud to 9. " 1856, 556 26 

Paid out. 

received up to 9 1856 

S625 76 

Paid out, as per Touchers, 275 00 

Balance on hand 9 June, 1856, ^350 76 

Board of Publication — on hand 7 June, 1855, % 13 50 

received up to 9 1856, 225 00 

$238 60 

Paid out, ^j^2 00 

. Balance on hand, 9 June, 1856, • | 76 50 

Foreign Missions— on* hand, 7 June, 1855, |J50 ^>o 

received up to 9 1856, ^95 42 

$845 72 
7X1 40 

Balance on hand, 9 June, 1856, §134 32 

Domestic Missions— on hand, 7 June, 1855, 5^ 

803 6^ 

X5 , $913 16 

^^'^ 100 00 

Balance on hand, 9 June, 1866, 1^13 |g 


€hurcli Extension — on band 7 June, 1855, " $13 00 

received up to 9 " 1856, 60 11 

On hand 9 Jane, 1856, $73 11 

Presbjterial Fund— on Land 7 June, 1855 S190 21 

received up to 9 1856, 42-4 50 

S614 71^ 

Paid out, 328 30 

On hand 9 June, 1856, • ^286 41 

The followlnp^ churches failed to pay their assessments for the Pres- 
bjterial Fund for 1855 : 

Gilead^2, Gum Grove $2, Bethel §7, Warrenton 82, Yancejvi^le 
^12, Murfreesborou^h $2, Snow Creek 83, Pittsboro' $3, Graham S5, 
Alamance balance 82. 

The following are delinquent, for 1856 : 

Gilead 82, Gum Grove $2, Griers.86, Murfreesborou<^h 82, Pan- If 
ville 816, Warrenton 82, Louisburg82, Shiloh 810, Snow Creek 83, ' f 
Pittsboro' $3, Penuil 85, Bethany 82, Alamance, balance 82. 

I desire to call the attention of Presbytery to the CertifiQate of Stock, 
in the Farmers Bank of Virginia. I send the Certificate and some 
Letters in relation to it. I think a new Certificate should issue in the 
name of such person as the Presbytery may designate. He v. Mr. 
Lacy has been, heretofore, drawing the Dividends, and paying them 
over to the Treasurei', and being now out of the Presbytery, he de- 
sires to be released. Bespectfuily submitted.